Victoria has a Secret

Per Person

Due to a terrible string of events, you find yourself breaking into in a pretty pink room. All you know is:
There were two tragic deaths.
There is a missing girl.
A creepy uncle.
And it’s all considered foul play.

One night her parents went out to run an errand but never returned. They and their vehicle were found lodged into a ditch. Upon investigation, it seems the break-lines were cut. According to police, the only suspect is Victoria’s uncle Steve. The neighbors told the police that they heard Steve arguing loudly with Victoria’s parents two nights before their murder. Now Steve’s neighbors calls you, a friend of the family, claiming that they haven’t seen her since the day she was brought to live with him. They have also reported seeing Steve pack his car with suitcases and boxes, leave for hours at a time, and return with an empty vehicle. It’s time to figure out what’s really going on.

Worried for Victoria’s life, you decide to investigate for yourself. Once Steve leaves for his weekly errands, you sneak inside his home and head straight to Victoria’s room. Upon first glance, it’s an innocent little girl’s room with no trace of Victoria’s whereabouts. Until you take a closer look.

Can you figure out the secret of this tragic family?

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