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Best Escape Rooms in Amarillo! Hands down! So detailed and fun! I've done them all!

Claudette Smith

My first time stuck inside an escape room! I had so much fun. So spooky. So well done. The details, the puzzles, the storyline. I am impressed! .. and will definitely be coming back.

Austin Still

We did all 4 rooms in one day. Each room was completely different. Rooms were difficult but not to a point where they could not be solved. Definitely worth the money. Staff was extremely helpful. Can’t wait for more rooms!

Ryne Callen

Great room! The immersion and aesthetics are phenomenal. Huge shout-out to our game master Jim. He was the best. These rooms are totally worth it! Make sure to go do all their rooms!

Katherine Sutherland

Never been to an escape room before and this place made escape rooms my thing. Have to come here way more!

James Bunce
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